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What I don’t like about poetry

I love poetry I must say, I love how poets can take the mind to distant lands as they paint an image in one’s mind with words, I love the play of words and metaphors some use, which just add richness to their work. I dig contemporary pieces,  but I mostly love classical poetry, that is the type of poetry I write.

Though I love poetry and write poetry, I for a long time I never considered myself a poet, even now having close to, if not more than a 100 poems. Simply because I don’t think I fit the mold of a contemporary poet. Another reason though (the part I don’t like), is the fact that poetry is drawn from experiences; the fact is – its hard to write about feelings you’ve never felt or experiences you’ve never had. Simple enough I guess, only issue is that, that type of poetry mostly draws from the harder and not so joyous moments of life, which is what makes writing that type of poetry hard for this introvert.

Opening up is something I find hard to do even with people I know well, so writing poetry sometimes is a challenge for me. Yesterday I heard one poet say, “your poem doesn’t start until you start telling the truth” – with that thought in mind, I’m not sure how many of my poems can be said to be poems.

For me sometimes the truth is hard, when I listen to poets that reveal their experiences in the most graphic nature, I cringe at the thought of being so open. Well if it’s worth anything, I do open up more in poetry than through any other means, whether it be in conversation, preaching or blogging. I have at times opened up much, even if it be in metaphoric terms – because funny enough, poetry sometimes is my recourse to giving expression to that which I feel, but find no appropriate normal words to express with – but its never easy.

Finally, because of the discomfort opening up makes me feel, some experiences have proved too deep for even poetic utterances to draw up; when I get to the point where I can bring forth work from the deeper wells of experience, maybe than I shall consider myself a poet.

Watch what you hear

This is one of those warnings of Jesus I don’t think we think about sometimes. Jesus warned:

“Take heed, therefore, how ye hear” (Luke 8:18), is an admonition of Christ. We are to hear for the sake of learning the truth, that we may walk in it.

For if we do not do so, that truth shall in the end come back only to condemn us.

I was speaking with my lil sister and talked about various things; one thing – about how sad it is find people profess one thing, yet still be found to be contradicting that very profession.

I stated to her this warning, to take heed what she hears, as she is planning to read much more this year, and really want her to be committed to following that which learns, as I hope for myself. A mere profession of religion will never save anyone.

There are many educated on certain points of truth, but so few fruits of that education are seen. There are many seemingly zealous for one aspect of truth, but when it comes to the more practical aspects of truth there is all sorts of reasoning advanced as to why they don’t heed those.

Man it is sad I must say, it is sad. You can have 10 quotes on a particular topic all clear and consistent and yet one finds a single quote upon which to rest  their practice – which properly studied would be in harmony with the rest – but it seem the will of man is to bring the majority in harmony with one that suites their disposition. You wonder how much do we love truth? I have particularly thought this as I have witnessed some debates on one group I’m in, and I have personally concluded, sometimes for the debate being lengthy is simply because some debate simply to prove their point instead of to learn.

Greater Condemnation

It is even worse for one that is a preacher and teacher of the word of God, for the Bible says,

“The prophet that hath a dream, let him tell a dream; and he that hath my word, let him speak my word faithfully. What is the chaff to the wheat? saith the LORD.” Jer. 23:28

When you know truth, one – you aught to practice it yourself, two – you have to proclaim it faithfully. Yesterday I read something that reminded me of that which I had thought of some time back. Reflecting, being out of preaching and teaching, wondered if God was to ask me about my record with regard to faithfully proclaiming His word, how would I fair? I may not have preached error (well atleast not knowingly), but question I wondered about – did I soften down the message when I should have presented it more direct? Did I avoid topics I should have shared, but thought to tough – its not the time for such?

Reflecting on these things I couldn’t say clearly yes Lord I have been faithful to all You commissioned me to preach and teach. Upon these reflections I have resolved by the grace of God never to render such a reply again, I want to be able to confidently say like Paul,

“Wherefore I take you to record this day, that I am pure from the blood of all men. For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God.” Acts 20:26-27

Here is the quote I read, man I love Spurgeon, O more such preachers are needed indeed.

“Oh, my hearers, ye little think how Gods true ministers do love your souls. Perhaps ye think it is easy work to stand here and preach to you. God knows, if that were all, it were easy work, but when we think that when we speak to you, your salvation or damnation in some measure depends upon what we say-when we reflect that if we are unfaithful watchmen, your blood will God require at our hands-oh, good God, when I reflect that I have preached to thousands in my lifetime, many thousands, and have perhaps said many things I ought not to have said, it startles me, it makes me shake and tremble.”