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I Know Who You Are

Oh man, this song captures my thoughts. I have had such thoughts about God, where things seems to dark, that one wonders why God allows the dark to persist, and you feel like “Lord I don’t understand You.”

I have found that the funny thing is that, things ought to be like that. Were we able to fully comprehend God, He would cease to be God. We must just humbly realize and admit that there are depths to God’s dealings we can’t fully appreciate, though we may say – “I don’t know what you doing” we can say – “I know who You are”.

He is a God of love, a God of mercy, a God who ever has our interests at heart; because of that, we can rest our trust in Him, even through the valley of the shadow of death.

Through it all

That moment when you realize, through it all, what a loving God one has. How deep indeed is the Father’s love, how vast beyond all measure, that He gave His only Son to make a wretch His treasure, how great the pain of searing lose, the Father turned His face away, as wounds which mar the chosen One, bring many sons to glory.

Beside the gift He gave, just the tender regard I find from Him, and the special way He speaks to me. Whenever things become too much, I write, and in writing poetry He speaks to me, and I oft, rather always I think, walk away with great consolation. Something I learnt from the Psalms, as I pour out my complaint before Him as it is, but ever with reverence for who He is, but in my crying He speaks to make those tears dry, or cry more at the thought, how could I ever doubt Him!

But through it all, I’m learning to stand in Him. But I’m also glad for the support He provides through His own. My sister today said she’s thankful for trials: I would not phrase it exactly that way, but I’ve learnt some good lessons this year through trial, for which I’m thankful.

One lesson I learnt this evening; as one’s body is just drained, strained, tired, but yet insomniac, and that which used to help with sleep losing effect. And seemingly not having the energy to study, that I just decide to study in my mind with meditating on Scripture I remember. What I learnt was – I need to memorise more, find myself blocked in Revelation 22 thinking to myself, how does it start by the way? :). Nevertheless I managed to glean some choice grasps from there. Actually thinking – I must get a pulpit. Lol. Ok not now.

Indeed it is for grace that one is thankful. Indeed His grace is sufficient.

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.”

Longing eyes (Psalm 119:82)

As the seconds turn into hours, the hours into days
And the days into eternity fade
So hope seems to follow in queue

Hands so recently valiant in fight
Having before them a vision so bright
Now seem taken by visions of night

As strength fails, and the mark yet so distant
Now to it I look, the scene no longer as pleasant,
Bitter sweet emotions prevail

The joy of my life, now the cause of my stained eyes
To heaven I look and wonder,… Where have I erred?
Does not heaven regard these mourner’s tears?

But nay I think: surely my Father knows all well
Man may not understand, but heaven my every tear can tell
My every moment is known like the woman at the well

So though my flesh may fail
And frailty prevail
And sorrow my soul assail

To hope I still cling
A Brainerd though I be, yet out of weakness I shall be made strong
“Be still my soul, thy God doth undertake” shall yet be my song