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Desire the key to change

Another thought that I got from what I read was from the following.

“Faith is the beginning of all wisdom; it lies at the foundation of all knowledge. The child would never learn anything, if it did not believe what it is told. Now, that being so in physical things, why can we not be as reasonable in spiritual things?”

That is a succinct thought I should say, but there is something I would personally like to add.

The importance of believing what God says is really the difference between overcoming our weakness or ever struggling with them. If victory is not experienced – the question is how desperately do we want it? As a sermon I was listening to stated. When Jesus asked the impotent men “wilt thou be made whole?” He showed that that which stood between him and his healing was his will.

Thus it can be said “the reason why many of us never experience a change – we do not desire it with all our heart” – sadly true. How so? When Jesus told the men “rise, take up thy bed and walk.” the man set his mind to obey those words then the healing came. Now to us God comes and says – “do you want to overcome this sin?” if we say yes, then He says “rise from that sofa, switch off the TV and spend time in my word.” – instead of being obedient like the impotent men, we ignore the instructions that Jesus gives us yet still expect a change to come. (That is just one of many things God may say to us.)

So the problem is not the power of God, but our desire to experience it – we want to trust (believe) but not obey the instructions for overcoming.

I may have complicated a simple statement (hopefully the point comes across still). Let us believe with all our heart and be willing to do whatever God says, and change will come in our lives.