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So today I completed upgrades that I was doing on an app of mine, which is about the writings of the pioneers of my church – the Seventh-day Adventist church; well just need to complete the tablet design for it then I will be able to rest on the app for now.

Now I must say, that these were men that truly knew what it meant to search the Scriptures – the insights that they give sometimes though are just charmingly beautiful. That being so though I must admit neglect on my side with regards to reading their writings more than I have been doing thus far; but planning on changing that.

Tonight I was reading the thoughts on one as he gives an overview of the book of Romans and I came across something that is very interesting.

After quoting – “Whatsoever is not of faith is sin.” he proceeds to say “A sermon not preached by faith is a sin to be repented of. Much missionary work has been done by us all, that is to be repented of.”

Now to be honest I kind of laughed when I read the part “much missionary work has been done by us all, that is to be repented of.” – I think the latter spoke to me more because of me being a missionary and all. Now in some quasi manner I could agree with him, but this is one of those texts I have never really understood, so asked the Lord to help me on this one, and some thoughts then came to mind.

The thought that came was – what is faith? In short dependence upon God (dependence came first because I had seen that word earlier). So if faith is dependence on God, what then would doing something without faith imply if not depending on oneself? Self-righteousness, That emphatically can be said to be sin. For in doing missionary work without faith, one is doing missionary work in a self-righteousness manner – as though these good deeds will commend the favour of God to them.

Another implication, if one is labouring without faith – then they are labouring without having God before them. If then God is not the focus of the work, what or who is? Could it be work that is to be seen of men? For that is what the natural heart is inclined to.

The other view of faith is – taking God at His word. Now on mission work I wonder; how many of us are going at God’s bidding? Now you may think – we all are bidden, and yes I agree, but the question is – has God said you should go to Tarshish or to Nineveh? Let me explain that. Sometimes the choice of which mission to go to is not based on the needs of the people, or a strong conviction from God to go there, but rather around where are my friends going? Am I going to get to travel to some new unknown place? – the latter being my particular interest to me to be honest.

So yah that passage made me think. This is one of the reasons I shall be reading the pioneers writings more.

And at the end if we go about doing God’s work without faith, (made me even think about this very post that I type, if it is of faith?), it is vain – for we have no power to convert men, we must rely on God for such.