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So Begins the Work

I have been blogging so much more on my other Missionary Coder Blog and have haven’t posted anything here in a while, so thought I should say something, there is not much to say though.

Well tomorrow though, begins the work of planning for City Evangelism work, I must say I am really looking forward to planning this work – its a new battle field to me, and there is much room to think of new methods – maybe I should say there is much need to think of new methods of labour.

Will update on how things go.

City Evangelism

A world, perishing in sin, is to be enlightened.
A world, perishing in sin, is to be enlightened.

A few years back the Lord started to lay a burden on my heart to put forth effort in city evangelism; the more I read the more I saw the need, but never did anything concrete in that direction – have had plans for future work, but had yet to start putting the thoughts into actions. I don’t remember the exact timing, but I might also have been influenced by Pastor Ted Wilson’s vision for the cities.

This year when pastor Wilson again emphasized city evangelism as part of his focus for his next 5 years, I started to think about that again. Now the usual thought has been I need to get to the point where I have enough means to undertake such a work, but then realized that there is more need of faith in such a work, and also the Lord asks of us, as he did of Moses when starting to make excuses for why he couldn’t go for God; God asked him – “What is that in thine hand?”

And it was a rod, which afterward was used much by God – in convincing Pharaoh of his Divine commission, in the infliction of the plagues, in dividing the red sea into parts and bringing forth water out of a rock. The song – little is much when God is in it, is very true.  And when I thought on that, I realized God has blessed me enough to be able to by faith begin something in this line.

And so one has begun a long journey toward planning a comprehensive work – 2017 being the year when it shall all begin and next month being when the formal planning begins. In the interim I have been reading about city evangelism, and when I meet portions where Ellen White declares that the work is a difficult work, my soul resonants with that like – oh yes it is; but I am also cheered by other statements that show the blessing God will bestow on such labour:

The Lord desires us to proclaim the third angel’s message with power in these cities. . . . As we work with all the strength that God grants us, and in humility of heart, putting our entire trust in Him, our labors will not be without fruit. Our determined efforts to bring souls to a knowledge of the truth for this time will be seconded by holy angels, and many souls will be saved. The Lord never forsakes His faithful messengers. He sends to their aid heavenly agencies and accompanies their labors with the power of His Holy Spirit to convince and to convert. All heaven will endorse your appeals.  {Ev 38.1}

I love the last portion – “All heaven will endorse your appeals.” 🙂 :). Yes city evangelism is hard, but it is worth it, joy will attend the work, though few there may be. Though if not for the joy that comes with the work, than one should do it at least for a quiet conscience, for how can one be at ease when they read – “The inhabitants of the ungodly cities so soon to be visited by calamities have been cruelly neglected. I want to stand clear before my Father on this, and state I did what I could, I didn’t seek, as Luther puts it, to be a “soft martyr” who “take no chances.”

I’m in a strait

I find myself with an uneasy heart, wrestling between two paths, both good, but somewhat disadvantages to the other.

I would love to be able to spend, a lot more time in God’s word, every free moment basically, but at current that would mean focusing less on the company I have started and trying to establish it. The side is to use every free moment that I can to push with my business, through which I am hoping to be able to gather enough means for projects that are close to my heart. So the strait is between focus on my spiritual life, yet my heart aches that I will be confined to a job for longer; or I could spend time on the business, yet my soul has a desire to drink more from the fountain of life.

There are a number of projects that I have, which I will not delineate at this time all at this time – will mention one though. I personally love kids, I just think little people are the best people, I think I have a fore stated if I have to choose between teaching adults and teaching the young ones – the choice is clear. Personally look forward to having my own children, but I will state that I have grown to have a soft spot for adopting, ever since I visited an orphanage, when some sister was having a birthday, I have visited there again a few times, not as much as I would have hoped. But I will ever remember the day I spent some time with them on my birthday, that was a truly special day, I love using the photo I took that day as my profile pic in various places. All they need is love, and I love kids, and there are many I would love to take care of, or help take care of.

The reason I say help take care of is because, I know that I would love to be surrounded by children, but adopting all might not be feasible, particularly if I will be travelling as a missionary, moving with an army of young soldiers might prove tricky. So the thought I have is to start a childrens’ home and help at least some young people through it, might be to take some who are street children at the moment. Another thing somewhat linked is that of helping homeless people in general. Ok still have yet to plan these out properly, but as much as I know I will never be able to clear the streets of all homeless people, I will like to try. If you look at great companies – they start with audacious and seemingly impossible goals – and that is the key to their success.

At the end, back to the strait – it is something that I will have to learn to balance, for I am not content if any part suffers. And to be honest as I think there is more free time I can free up (read less tech knew) to be able to have my soul at ease knowing that I am doing something toward my larger goals, but at the same time to give it the drink it thirst for – a knowledge and understanding of the holy.


I was just noting people that need to be visited, that are interested in studies, and I find that there are quite a few. Truly God has been working in Jerusalem. I would blog more, but I want to study now, so i might blog about more of today’s blessing tomorrow. In the end glory and praise be to the Most High God.

The blessings of God. Language issue is not that bad.

After a not so good start to the day, for me personally, things started to change, one house I visited, I gained entry into and invited a lady there, and also inquired about her being interested in Bible studies, but she said let us see first with the crusade, hope she will come. Actually a thought is coming to mind, I should pray for the people that it seems may come. I kind of thought my Zulu was somewhat improving- Actually there is a statement that had been flowing through my mind, and that helped me. I shall share it in a coming post probably.

Interesting start to the day.

Today was a very interesting day. When we went out informing/inviting people for the crusade. I had thought to maybe hide somewhat behind the two sisters I was travelling with due the language issue. But God said I don’t want that for you, I want you to learn to depend on Me, :). So He, I believe, inspired one sister to suggest that we should split and go individually to houses so as to cover more ground.

So we did so, and the first house I went to there were dogs, and one was not on a leash, it wasn’t very big. So having thought of Paul, a man that hazarded his life for the gospel, I went forward. They bucked, but i was hardly sacred, if at all. Didn’t get to speak to someone there. Afterward I found out that my sister had offered up a silent prayer, I believe that helped me. The next house I found a group of women that were in a meeting it seemed, so I said i would go back, and I am planning to do so. I then next tried inviting a man on the street, and that, I would say was the first outwardly negative response.

Up to this point things were not looking to positive. But they became better…