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So much to be done

Personally I have quite a number of ministry plans, or rather ideas floating around in my mind and they have just been growing with time, so tonight I thought let me put these down and start thinking constructively about them all (I have already started the work on a couple), so I can think of how they can work together, or the order in which to tackle them.

So I was doing some very rough calculations on what would be required to maintain one of these ideas at large scale, and the value that I got was staggering; that – to be honest – made me realize much more the need of divine guidance in going forward with these plans (I will speak about them more in due time). A statement I have heard and truly believe in is that – “only the work that is accomplished with much prayer will in the end prove successful.”
Of late, because of the couple of ideas that I have started I have been very anxious as to how I shall be able to raise funds to see them through, praying much – thinking much and pushing in lines I hope will prove worthwhile. Tonight, after praying over these matters, I find myself a bit tired, but restless at the same time. Just taking time to relax and chat, one, to a degree, feels that they could be doing something else, I don’t chat much anyway.
I think only once I manage to get these plans to a certain level of certainty will I be able to truly rest. But then again, I might not find much rest – since this is a work of faith, God may, as He at times does, bring things down to the wire before providing all that is needed – won’t be good for my anxiety levels, but if I can only have the assurance of His leading I shall be ok.