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When deep speaks to deep


Wells of Experience

I think I have at times stated that poetry is one of the ways God speaks to me, and its not just in the moment of writing, but even years later. Just read a poem I wrote some time back entitled Be still and know; I must say it was one that spoke to me this evening.

A reason why I am still touched by poems I wrote long back is because the feelings therein expressed are such that I still face later on in life. I guess that is how things are in general, it is hard to seek to bring comfort to a family that has lost their loved one, when you don’t know what such an experience is like. Yes one may sympathize, but sometimes only one that has walked the mile of the struggle can truly empathize and find the best words to bring comfort.

The deep feelings of past trials can understand the deep feelings ones experience in that moment. I remember a sister once remarking how cold sometimes brethren seem to be in speaking or dealing with, what are the weaknesses of others. Sometimes it truly is a matter of experience, when you know what it is like to be down and out, and seeking for mercy, you will later or at least should be, more open to exercising mercy toward others.

Mercy not Judgment

On the issue of sin. Does that mean to play down the sinfulness of sin? No, but the story of the woman caught in adultery is illustrative. Two parties are about the woman, both believe adultery is sin, and should not be practiced, both admit to the woman’s guilt, but both don’t act alike to the situation. One group is ready to condemn and dismiss her as a lost cause, the other looks with mercy and hope upon the woman, knowing the deep underlying reasons to her conduct, and knowing that truly there is in the heart a desire for something more, something more than the life circumstance may have led her to.

We know the conclusion, not merely “neither do I condemn thee, go and sin no more” – but the powerful woman of God that she became, “Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, there shall also this, that this woman hath done, be told for a memorial of her.”

Another example I think of is John Mark, a young man passionate for the work of God, but when he met trials and terrors in the way he turned back. Later when he desired again to join Barnabas and Paul, Paul sternly refused – being unforgiving of the young man’s prior mistake, but Barnabas took him under his wings, and what was the result of that? Well the young man grew to be a true asset in the work of God, that Paul himself even said “11 Only Luke is with me. Take Mark, and bring him with thee: for he is profitable to me for the ministry.” 2Timothy 4:11

Both these cases show the potential that lies within people, question is who is willing to see the diamond in the rough? Not an easy thing, but were we to learn seek to look deeper, we might realize that the sins of others should not call forth our strong rebukes, but mercy and love. As children sometimes do bad things just to get their parents attention, sometimes one whom we may think to be a rebel is really a soul crying “can anybody hear me”.


On Modesty

I have been placing up some old poems that I had written and it has been a nice experience reading some poems I haven’t read in ages.

One of the first poems I up were 4 poems I had written on the subject of modesty. The series was a response to a call my big sister made to young men to raise their voices on the matter; for some sisters who desire modesty thought they would thus be unattractive to brothers (hope I am recalling that properly).

So wrote 4 poems simple titled Modesty – Poem IModesty – Poem IIModesty – Poem III and Modesty – Poem IV. The first two seek to paint a picture of the beauty that a modest woman carries with her; part of the first poem shows that the life of a woman of modesty challenges a man to want to be such a man as Christ is – He whom she seeks to please. The question around the issue of modesty really is who is it that we seek to please? God or is it the world and ourselves?

The third poem starts from the story of Adam and Eve and seeks to show some of the same spirit that lead to the rebellion is still at work leading individuals away from the path of simplicity. And was just thinking the other day was Moses really trying to drive home a point by using the word aprons? Why didn’t he just say “sewed fig leaves together and made themselves coverings”? Well precisely because those were not covering. The last of the poems I sought to write from the perspective of God appealing to His daughters.

On My Poetic Journey and Trials

Was placing more poems up today, and I must say I was a bit bemused by my old (well hopefully) writing style. I do think it has progressed though. That is not the only thing that progressed, I could trace somewhat in my other poems (Thy Father Calleth for TheeWords that speak peaceBe Still and KnowYes that’s His name) a growing appreciation of God’s lvoe. These four poems were written in a time of trial in my life – not working and at times wondering about God’s love. I learnt to appreciate His love more through writing.

Actually poetry is one of the ways God speaks to me when other means seem to fail of comforting one. He does not always given the answers, but He gives peace and assurance. That reminds me of one poem I wrote, “Written in Red” is the title, will share it soon and speaking about its writing.