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The blessings of God. Language issue is not that bad.

After a not so good start to the day, for me personally, things started to change, one house I visited, I gained entry into and invited a lady there, and also inquired about her being interested in Bible studies, but she said let us see first with the crusade, hope she will come. Actually a thought is coming to mind, I should pray for the people that it seems may come. I kind of thought my Zulu was somewhat improving- Actually there is a statement that had been flowing through my mind, and that helped me. I shall share it in a coming post probably.

First day in the Field

Yesterday was the first actual day in the field, and it has proved a blessing
indeed, people were so receptive to us, it shows that God has truly
prepared the way before us.

We even ended up coming across a community clinic, we walked into it
and were graciously received, now we have the oppertunity of sending a
person or a few people to there to share the word. And one lady, at a
place we visited encouraged us with her words. So mission has been
good thus far, only the heat is an issue, not to say i shall entertain
complaining, but rather take the matter to Lord in prayer.

Appointments were lined for today, which we did not meet partly due to the weather.
One thing i need to learn is
speaking Zulu better, since we are in a predominantly Swati speaking
place, so english as a medium of teaching is sometimes not the best.
One thing i am learning is mission can be tiring, but it is a good