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I was just noting people that need to be visited, that are interested in studies, and I find that there are quite a few. Truly God has been working in Jerusalem. I would blog more, but I want to study now, so i might blog about more of today’s blessing tomorrow. In the end glory and praise be to the Most High God.

The blessings of God. Language issue is not that bad.

After a not so good start to the day, for me personally, things started to change, one house I visited, I gained entry into and invited a lady there, and also inquired about her being interested in Bible studies, but she said let us see first with the crusade, hope she will come. Actually a thought is coming to mind, I should pray for the people that it seems may come. I kind of thought my Zulu was somewhat improving- Actually there is a statement that had been flowing through my mind, and that helped me. I shall share it in a coming post probably.

Interesting start to the day.

Today was a very interesting day. When we went out informing/inviting people for the crusade. I had thought to maybe hide somewhat behind the two sisters I was travelling with due the language issue. But God said I don’t want that for you, I want you to learn to depend on Me, :). So He, I believe, inspired one sister to suggest that we should split and go individually to houses so as to cover more ground.

So we did so, and the first house I went to there were dogs, and one was not on a leash, it wasn’t very big. So having thought of Paul, a man that hazarded his life for the gospel, I went forward. They bucked, but i was hardly sacred, if at all. Didn’t get to speak to someone there. Afterward I found out that my sister had offered up a silent prayer, I believe that helped me. The next house I found a group of women that were in a meeting it seemed, so I said i would go back, and I am planning to do so. I then next tried inviting a man on the street, and that, I would say was the first outwardly negative response.

Up to this point things were not looking to positive. But they became better…

What a day :)

Today has been a blessing indeed. The Bible teaches that we are blessed that we may be able to bless others, it is interesting that as one seeks to bless others, they themselves are blessed. Today i received to notable blessings, and God is helping with the language thing, sharing in Zulu is becoming better. And love for Mission is starting to grow more. The next posts will explain more.

First day in the Field

Yesterday was the first actual day in the field, and it has proved a blessing
indeed, people were so receptive to us, it shows that God has truly
prepared the way before us.

We even ended up coming across a community clinic, we walked into it
and were graciously received, now we have the oppertunity of sending a
person or a few people to there to share the word. And one lady, at a
place we visited encouraged us with her words. So mission has been
good thus far, only the heat is an issue, not to say i shall entertain
complaining, but rather take the matter to Lord in prayer.

Appointments were lined for today, which we did not meet partly due to the weather.
One thing i need to learn is
speaking Zulu better, since we are in a predominantly Swati speaking
place, so english as a medium of teaching is sometimes not the best.
One thing i am learning is mission can be tiring, but it is a good