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Intro – Who I am?

First Things First

Well in general conversation, the first thing that is usually done in introducing oneself – so in that spirit I think it is proper for me to do so, and introduce the vision of this website.

I remember as a youth in high school, I was very introverted, better now, but still bear those traits; yet I was the type of individual that if got on a topic that I like, I would speak and speak and speak on it. Back then the topic of interest was Astrophysics – the stars basically. Actually the interest in the stars was such that I used to say – after spending an hour with me, there are two things I expect you to know; which were – my name and the fact that I love the stars, if you didn’t know those two things then you couldn’t even begin to say you know me.

In that spirit let me introduce myself – my name is Tsietsi Ramakatsa, and the other thing you should know is that I am a child of God and His missionary. One other thing, the extent to which I loved the stars was such that my whole live was focused around that – where I would go to study, where I would live and later where I would retire. To that degree and even more – now my calling as a missionary molds my live. Just as an aside – as I like to think – my certainty of being called to be a missionary is as certain as I know I exist, like the assuranceĀ of air one breaths, though unseen, is assurance of my call though it be by faith.

So, looking forward to sharing about mission work and other things I have interest in.

More About Me

my niece

Other things that might be good to know about me. First (First of the second part) – I am a proud uncle to two handsome young nephews and one beautiful niece! Connected to that – I love kids, I really love kids, I think they just the most special people group there is; there is much to be learnt from them.

Beside a crazy love for children, I also have a crazy love for programming – that is not only my profession but my hobby as well, though I must admit – I think I need to get other hobbies (maybe this website shall help in that).

That pretty much is a good summary of me, other things you will learn along there way.