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The Realities of Venturing into Business

It’s tough

Starting a business is hard, really hard – I have heard this stated in so many different ways, but I have come to see the reality a bit more of late. The past couple of weeks have been very busy, so haven’t even had much thought for blogging, and the intensity might not let up anytime soon.

Not much else

The amount of time that which I have been focusing on takes, is insane, to this extent – one of the things stated about startups is – when starting a startup, there are only two things you can have: (a) Startup and family or (b) Startup and friends (c) Startup and your health… Basically – beside the startup, one does not have much time for anything else. Its one of those you hear, but don’t really give much thought, but last week I was reflecting on how much less time I have used in interpersonal relationships – I’m already bad in that, but recently its just been worse, even had to apologize to my lil Sister about my distance (I keep in touch with her more than any other).

At least today I finished updating one of my apps, but still more to go. I see not less, but even more activity ahead in the coming weeks and months, actually in all honesty, were it not for the issue of my health, I would be doing even more than I am now, would be even more aloof probably. But one thing that issue has helped with is for me to realize – I cannot do everything on my own; thankfully in the next phase of my work I shall have assistance in the work, so burnout is mitigated. But still a lot to do :).

I say it with a smile, but its gonna be torture. One other quote about business is – “Starting a business is like chewing glass and staring into the abyss.” – Can’t really explain that, but I get it, and anyone who ventures into such will also get it.

So don’t know when I will be posting here more again, but for the next coming weeks I would say look out for posts on the work I’m doing on missionarycoder.co.za/blog.

I really don’t like being sick


It has been a long journey, but really glad its nearly over. I really have not liked being sick. Have had an illness which from what I found online that not many doctors know about, or how to treat; and that was evidenced to me when after an initial prescription that I got from the doctor I went to, she thought that that was enough, yet online I realized every other person treated had to be put on a secondary treatment.

So I decided to let go with doctors and decided to Google my way to health. The above is the result! Well beside that, there was the fact that I have watched many medical shows where people were not able to get help for years, and multiple doctors, I didn’t want that, plus couldn’t afford it, as I had to leave my job this year January, so money was tight to say the least. But I must say God really provides for His children.

Last year December I got a client that needed a mobile app to be developed, so when I left my job that provided something to keep one going, though most of the money was going into the car, which 4 months later when funds were really dry and I had told my sister to sell the car, then God helped me to find one of the missing pieces to why my recovery was proceeding so slowly – then with that ability to at least start working again. But it has still been a roller coaster, when you not sure what you doing – experimenting with different supplements and dosages, trying to get things just right can be tricky.

Now slightly over a year from when I got my diagnosis for vitamin D deficiency, now I can say I am at the 94% recovery point (don’t ask me how I come up with those percentages); funny enough when I first read that recovery can take anything from 6 months to a year I did not believe that could be the case, but yeah the human body when it falls into disarray, really can take a while to recover.

Thankful though also for a fellow brother that is a dietitian, that gave me the final piece, and root cause of all my aliments. Who would have thought that fat could be so important. Since I didn’t like using oil and vitamin D and A are both fat soluble (have had deficiencies in both) my body could not readily absorb them.

I can definitely say I am going to appreciate health much more now, and have greater represent for the Health Message, for now I see more than ever, every element of Health and Wellness is important. I mean vitamin D, who would have thought to be so significant? Though I have my personal experience to attest to its importance, the more I have read of it  the more I have seen even more – reading of cases where the difference between death and living in some conditions has been attributed to how much vitamin D an individual had or lacked.

A reminder of the Great Physician

There I am at reception, waiting to see the doc, surrounded by different people, at one point realizing ok compared to others I really am ok, its sad the pain that people experience.

But was cheered with the voice of one young child, when he went in with his mom, his voice was vocal in the consultation room, “hello doctor Vallabh,…” He was just so cheerful before and during the consultation, thinking back I’m thinking maybe the doctor has a bit to do with that.

When I finally got to see the doctor, he took my card and saw my occupation, then asked me where I work, thought, ok its the small small talk before the consultation (Not in those words exactly). But surprisingly it was not such a small small talk, he started telling me about his sister, that she is a SAP engineer at Absa and we discussed some of the sad realities which can be found in the software industry as relate to dissociation between management and software engineers.

By the time I went onto the examination table I was so free with the doc. Actually as we had been speaking it reminded me of Jesus method, “he mingled with the people as one who sought their good” and saw that with the doc.

I had been wanting to find a good doctor, that would not pass over me just as another case to pass through, had an not so nice experience with a dentist some time back, and didn’t want a repeat of paying for a consultation that would be of no help. When my sister said I should go to this one with the words “his really good” I was persuaded, and no regrets indeed. I spent less than I had planned, but that freely, I think I’ve got a doctor now if ever I need help on other things, not that I plan to become ill. But after walking out having discussed things from work, diet and spirituality, it was a most blessed experience.

I saw  from the experience, the need of mingling with people as one that seeks their good, came back so jovial that I lost sight of my joint discomforts for a while, but then it might be because of the pain of the shot he gave me :). Now we wait for results of the bloods.