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Let your reasons sustain you

Questioning moments

Sometimes in life you have moments where you question yourself, question why you do what you do. You know, those moments when it seems like none of your plans are working out, and you tempted to think – maybe this was not for me, maybe I am not cut out for this?

It is in such moments that you need to have good reasons for doing what you do, for pursuing what you seek. That is the kind of person I am, I always need a north star to guide me forward, to a certain extent I am hopeless without it. Case in point – when I when to UCT to study Astrophysics, grinding those books, or being ground by them, it made one tired, and kind of drained the enthusiasm of studying it. So what I would do now and then is to remind myself about why I was putting up with that, so I go to the library, read Scientific American or Discover, pull up some biographies about famous scientists, etc…

Doing that would revive my motivation. In as much as I love science, I think it was my goal of being an Astrophysicist that made me enjoy Math and Physics as much as I did, ever since high school when I found out that was the prerequisite. So when I stopped pursuing Astrophysics (a story for another day), my marks didn’t do so well.

The Goal

This – being sustained by my reasons came to mind as I was preparing images for my social posts for my company this week, I bumped across the following image that reminded me of one of the reasons I am doing what I am doing – building a software company, continually improving myself to offer the best service I can and so forth.

What’s the reason I remembered? Well personally I want to build a school, particularly for disadvantaged children, there is such neglect of young ones in our academic programs that I personally want to make any difference that I can. But yeah, that requires money, a lot of it, added to that is that this is only one of many things I hope to accomplish. Though beginning this year I plan to start smaller initiatives.

I haven’t coded much this weekend, but I do feel tired, but this photo has given me the spark I will need for the coming week. I feel good about this year, but I know a lot of work still lies ahead, so such moments that remind me about why I am doing what I’m doing are really welcome.

I’m in a strait

I find myself with an uneasy heart, wrestling between two paths, both good, but somewhat disadvantages to the other.

I would love to be able to spend, a lot more time in God’s word, every free moment basically, but at current that would mean focusing less on the company I have started and trying to establish it. The side is to use every free moment that I can to push with my business, through which I am hoping to be able to gather enough means for projects that are close to my heart. So the strait is between focus on my spiritual life, yet my heart aches that I will be confined to a job for longer; or I could spend time on the business, yet my soul has a desire to drink more from the fountain of life.

There are a number of projects that I have, which I will not delineate at this time all at this time – will mention one though. I personally love kids, I just think little people are the best people, I think I have a fore stated if I have to choose between teaching adults and teaching the young ones – the choice is clear. Personally look forward to having my own children, but I will state that I have grown to have a soft spot for adopting, ever since I visited an orphanage, when some sister was having a birthday, I have visited there again a few times, not as much as I would have hoped. But I will ever remember the day I spent some time with them on my birthday, that was a truly special day, I love using the photo I took that day as my profile pic in various places. All they need is love, and I love kids, and there are many I would love to take care of, or help take care of.

The reason I say help take care of is because, I know that I would love to be surrounded by children, but adopting all might not be feasible, particularly if I will be travelling as a missionary, moving with an army of young soldiers might prove tricky. So the thought I have is to start a childrens’ home and help at least some young people through it, might be to take some who are street children at the moment. Another thing somewhat linked is that of helping homeless people in general. Ok still have yet to plan these out properly, but as much as I know I will never be able to clear the streets of all homeless people, I will like to try. If you look at great companies – they start with audacious and seemingly impossible goals – and that is the key to their success.

At the end, back to the strait – it is something that I will have to learn to balance, for I am not content if any part suffers. And to be honest as I think there is more free time I can free up (read less tech knew) to be able to have my soul at ease knowing that I am doing something toward my larger goals, but at the same time to give it the drink it thirst for – a knowledge and understanding of the holy.