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You are not alone

I must say, looking at where my health is now compared to where it was last year this time, I am very grateful – much, very much has improved. That being said though, I must say at times it is a bit discouraging that one is still effected by health complications, even though those that remain are way better, it is still a bit discouraging at times.

My recent flaring though is entirely my fault. Sleep late Saturday (well Sunday Morning), and lack of sleep actually is really not good for my remaining condition. Having to meet someone that Sunday made it impossible to get the needed rest, and the rest of this night was not sufficient enough to offset the negative balance I was owing.

Coming back home I was thus a bit discouraged and tired; and thought to not have my even devotion and just rest. But God lead me to read some Psalms to find comfort in, and one of the motivating factors was thinking of my lil sis; I was expecting a message from her, but it would have come through during my study time when she knows I should not be receiving Whatsapps, so I might have found myself in a situation where I needed to explain why I was not having devotion this night, and yah didn’t want that happening. I want to give a good example to her about relying on the Lord even when things are though, instead of drawing away in discouragement we are to cling with trust.

As I found a Psalm to read, I was reminded of something I had read about the one of Pioneers of my church, and I was looking for it I found other words of comfort to also read.

The quote I bumped into

“The next morning I was greatly depressed in spirits. Such thoughts as these troubled me. Why was not God willing to hear our prayers and raise the child to health? Satan, ever ready with his temptations, suggested that it was because we were not right. I could think of no particular thing wherein I had grieved the Lord, yet a crushing weight seemed to be on my spirits, driving me to despair. I doubted my acceptance with God, and could not pray. I had no courage, so much as to lift my eyes to heaven. I suffered intense anguish of mind until my husband, and the family we were with, besought the Lord in my behalf. They would not yield the point until my voice was united with theirs for deliverance. It came. I began to hope, and my trembling faith grasped the promises of God,” {2SG 137.1}

The initial quote I wanted

The Lord has visited me again in great mercy. I have been greatly afflicted for a few months past. Disease has pressed me heavily. For years I have been afflicted with dropsy and disease of the heart. It has had a tendency to depress my spirits, and destroy my faith and courage. The message to the Laodiceans has not accomplished that zealous repentance with God’s people I expected to see, and my perplexity of mind has been great. Disease seemed to make continual progress upon me, and I thought I must lie down in the grave. I had no desire to live, therefore could not take hold of faith and pray for my recovery. Often when I retired to rest at night, I realized that I was in danger of losing my breath before morning. In this state I fainted at midnight. Brn. Andrews and Loughborough were sent for, and earnest petitions were offered to God in my behalf. The depression and heavy weight were lifted from my aching heart, and I was taken off in vision, and saw these things which I present before you.  {4bSG 32.1}

Now these words touched me because to a degree I have had such experiences of discouragement; but also they spoke to me because I thought – wow, such a servant of God could have such experiences, I therefore can take courage from this fact – that I am not the only one whose faith and courage has been tried by illness; I am not the only one that has at some point had no desire to live.

It is Satan’s studied aim to make people think that no one can relate to them, for then there is no example to look to for finding hope of overcoming. But the fact is “There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.”

The fact is that you are not alone, I am not alone. Whatever we may pass through in this world God knows, not only does He know it touches His heart.