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The joy that comes from doing good work!

After completing 2 intense weeks of back to back projects, at one point – spent two nights away from home, I must say its incredibly satisfying to have both your clients to be truly appreciative.

There is one principle that I live by, which I must say does wonders for business. I ever seek to work in a way that I can say, my God can look at my work and say well done my son, not – you know you could have done much better. So even when I know I have done enough to make the client happy, I can’t rest until I know God Himself is also happy with my work. The thing is – He knows my abilities, so even though a client may be happy, God knows if I could have done things better.

Working with the view of God first, it really is powerful. Another thing is, I really believe that my work is somewhat a reflection on my God – perfection was the hallmark of Jesus work, not just in salvation, but also in the carpenter’s shop. So I strive to be the best at what I do. The distinction should be clear – when someone receives work from me, it should be seen that a child of God ever seeks to deliver the best work possible.

With that being said, there is true joy one receives from doing good work and it being acknowledged, beside the money, the acknowledgement really makes it worthwhile.

Out of my Comfort Zone

Side note

Have you ever had the experience where you started reading a book, got some way into it, but then abruptly stopped reading it, then when you go back some time later you not even sure exactly where you were or what you had gathered? Well that happens a lot to me in reading, but also with my blog. I’ve been so out of touch with blogging that I am not even sure about what have I written about, will I be repeating with this post or what?

Well I shall hopefully be blogging more often, not here necessarily, but will try at least once a week to give a break down of what I am up to.

Leaving my Comfort Zone

So what is this thing of leaving my comfort zone? Well basically the work I will be doing going forward on both the business end and ministry side will involve me doing quite a bit of marketing, which means – I have to be social – very social, which is not exactly my strongest point, and with my busyness of late I have had less interest in that to be honest.

Now though, I am at the point where its either I learn to do that for the sake of what I want to advance, or will be remaining in the same spot for a much longer time, so its a forcing function to change.


The other thing though that I have learnt is that there really must be a deep passion or motivation to want to start a business, otherwise its not worth it. Me and my colleagues sometimes have said – “Programming is hard”, and another one says, “if you don’t have passion for it, you won’t survive.” I agree with that statement partly, I would say unless you have passion for programming you will never be really good at it. Why do I change the outcome? Because there are a lot of programmers out there that do not have passion for it, but manage enough to be able to push an 8 to 5 job. Now with business its not like that, the outcome really is – not surviving, if you don’t have passion for it.

It’s a bit funny as I think of it, busy blogging about business yet I am not really established myself, so where do I get of giving advice on the matter? Well simply this reason – I have sort to understand a lot about what it takes to push a business forward, and from the experiences I have had thus far, what I have learnt is what I have experienced.

Here is a video that explains well what I have learnt.

The Realities of Venturing into Business

It’s tough

Starting a business is hard, really hard – I have heard this stated in so many different ways, but I have come to see the reality a bit more of late. The past couple of weeks have been very busy, so haven’t even had much thought for blogging, and the intensity might not let up anytime soon.

Not much else

The amount of time that which I have been focusing on takes, is insane, to this extent – one of the things stated about startups is – when starting a startup, there are only two things you can have: (a) Startup and family or (b) Startup and friends (c) Startup and your health… Basically – beside the startup, one does not have much time for anything else. Its one of those you hear, but don’t really give much thought, but last week I was reflecting on how much less time I have used in interpersonal relationships – I’m already bad in that, but recently its just been worse, even had to apologize to my lil Sister about my distance (I keep in touch with her more than any other).

At least today I finished updating one of my apps, but still more to go. I see not less, but even more activity ahead in the coming weeks and months, actually in all honesty, were it not for the issue of my health, I would be doing even more than I am now, would be even more aloof probably. But one thing that issue has helped with is for me to realize – I cannot do everything on my own; thankfully in the next phase of my work I shall have assistance in the work, so burnout is mitigated. But still a lot to do :).

I say it with a smile, but its gonna be torture. One other quote about business is – “Starting a business is like chewing glass and staring into the abyss.” – Can’t really explain that, but I get it, and anyone who ventures into such will also get it.

So don’t know when I will be posting here more again, but for the next coming weeks I would say look out for posts on the work I’m doing on missionarycoder.co.za/blog.