Note to self – there is life outside of coding

“Note to self – I need to get a life.” – I remember once stating that on Facebook; if I have to examine my life from when I said that compared to now – I think it holds more weight now.

I have been trying of late to push with some few projects I wanted to complete coding, or improving, after which I would give myself time to relax and time to pursue other interests – like adding more books my reading list or studying Physics (ok sure not exactly what people have in mind when talking about getting a life, but for me at least it would be adding something different from programming).

Though to be honest I don’t even know what getting a life means, just know this thing of wanting to be incessantly coding – only real break being on Sabbath – is not good. Actually in the taxi today I was with a father from my street, and he mentioned how he likes to go see friends and just talk, as a means of removing stress. Though I have been thinking about it, it just made me see more clearly how much my life is taken up by code.

Yes I am working toward a goal, an objective I often feel needs much more work, but I must admit – that a break is needed. Only time I would have a “break” was when my health (energy levels), would only allow me a few minutes of coding a day. Plus it has not proved that good for inter-personal relationships, except for a few individuals – I hardly communicate with people. My friend base has gone down, not solely due to coding, but partly; to be honest, except for a few people, I would rather spend my free time coding.

I know it might sound terrible, but its true. I was thinking of trying to go a week where the last bit of coding I do is at work, and solely for work – and it sits uncomfortably with me – but I think it will be a good experiment to try.

Also my friend at work has been telling me to go out of my comfort zone, I think I shall finally really listen to his advice, naturally I am more interested in thinking about the problem of the above image then work through the complexities of relationships; but one day – hopefully – I shall learn to become more willing to work on the latter.



One thought on “Note to self – there is life outside of coding

  1. LOL!!! You are hilarious! “To be honest I don’t know what getting a life means!” ha ha ha ha. LOL. You’ll get there, don’t worry. And yes, you’re a stereotypical programming geek! I mean that in a big sisterly, teasing way. They all stereotypically have the “I’m in love with tech” lifestyle that doesn’t give them time to socialise, read, go out into nature etc.

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