Life lessons

I have recently been thinking about how life experiences have had a moulding influence on one, and the below are things I have come to realise.

Life lessons:

1. We are moulded by the experiences and influences of life; but what affect they will have on us is our own determining. In as much as life may give us lemons, whether the bitterness is all that we shall know is up to us, as the saying goes when life gives you lemons – make lemonade.

2. “You can’t selectively numb feelings” – a sentence I would wish were not true, but so true it is. To numb pain, is to numb the capacity to show sympathy and empathise with another’s suffering. To numb sadness is to not fully experience joy (for ones guard is ever up to make sure it’s not spoilt). A reality I have experienced, seeking to numb my own pain, I have realised I’ve grown to be less sympathetic to others sometimes.

When I realised this, that is when I told myself I can’t continue to live in a guarded cage/not wanting to experience the disappointment and hurt of the past.

3. Life is like a rainbow – varied in its experiences, yet all form part of a beautiful whole. The tragedies of life at times are God’s ministers to teach us of the tender mercy that is to be found in Him.

4.Hope against hope. The coldest time of the night is just before dawn – so to also with life, the moment one seems ready to give up, may just be the moment when a change of fortune may come.

5. Cherish the small things of life – sometimes our joy is stolen not completely by trials, but by not appreciating the good that is ours in the midst of it all.

Some of the things I’ve learnt, and a talk listened to impressed more the need of recognising the negative/destructive thought patterns we allow to take root with us. The reason being – today one may experience a sea of pain, tomorrow it may be an ocean, and if you learn not to sail in relatively calmer conditions, you may just drown in more turbulent conditions.



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