Done Done Done – Well Almost :)

*sigh* – I can breathe now, well, nearly. At this point in time, I must say I am quite tired, the project I have been working on has taken longer than anticipated, but its nearly done though, definitely being released next week.

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The past 2-3 weeks have been most challenging, after many weeks and many long nights, my body really started a go slow, no matter how much I wanted to push it, it just did not want to respond; carried on nonetheless with the slow pace, took a break though when it became to strenuous. Now I can breathe easy, as pretty much all the functionality that was to be built is complete, just need to tie a few things together, then I am done!!! So excited about that :).

Question thought might be why did I push myself to such an extent though? That is a bit complicated, well not really, but don’t think words can express the reason well enough. This is a project I have had for a couple of years, since 2013/2014, which had to go on the back-burner due to illness. And because of that illness, I got removed from all missionary activities that I used to do, that sucked. Tried keeping active with the less demanding work of maintaining my apps, which due to chronic fatigue was limited itself.

In light of this, when I started feeling much better I started the project, doing it on and off, still not able to push hard on it. When I finally when I began feeling like my energy levels were what they used to be like, I set a deadline for myself to finish my Bible website. So it has been a burden I just wanted to release from my heart;┬áthe frustration had been this illness has taken to much from me, won’t allow it to stop me from accomplishing this goal I had set for myself. Might not have been the kindest person to my body, but I am glad for what has been made so far.

The funny thing is, its not even guaranteed that the ultimate objective of reaching souls through the website will be reached, personally believe it will be a great study tool though, nevertheless, missionary work is about scattering seeds, you never what could be of them, even if your own eyes never see the result. So we labour.

As tired as I am, I am glad I have been able to push it to completion coming soon soon :). But I am also glad for the phase of this work, working on the content, have a lot to learn and so looking forward to that!



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