2017 Goals

New Year’s Resolution

I’m not really a new year’s resolution type of a guy, but I must say that this year I have a few things that I would like to accomplish; some on the software side others in different fields.

I am one person that pushes hard when it comes to the work that I do, but I have seen how I tend to overdo that. One Instagram post I read hit the nail on the head.

Let's talk about health in engineering. It took me 5 days of rest to realize how much I messed myself up these last few months, no sleep, eating when I remembered to between 10 hour coding sessions, liters of coffee, only getting my ass up off the chair to do said eating activity. It's so easy to glamorize working your ass off on social media. You always DM me saying you admire my work ethic. You should work your ass off, you should make sacrifices, but working yourself to death will not yield better results because you'll have no body left to WIN with in a few years. Until we can transplant our brains into machines (can't wait) we HAVE to take care of the only body we have. I'd hate to think I'm encouraging people to go on 3-day working benders. It's taken me 5 days of intermittent sleeping and eating (that why I haven't been posting) to recover and this is the result. Programming culture portrays us as shaky coffee addicts who haven't showered for days, let's not do that guys, take some time for yourselves, breathe, sleep and eat good food, YOUR CODE WILL THANK YOU, 221216.

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I could not have said it better. That is what I have come to realize, incessant working is not a smart way of working, the level of inefficiency that exists when one hardly gets good R&R is staggering – personal experience. The mind, like the body, does need rest to be able to work at its best efficiency.

Working smart

With that being said, I plan to be less consumed with coding this year, because it really is not a good habit. The thing with me is, beside trying to push my freelance endeavors, I just like to constantly learn, whether it be a new technology or a new way of doing something, I must always learn.

I still plan to do that – learning that is, but less hectically this time round, but more efficiently. Here is the interesting thing – how efficiently one gets to learn something compared to the effort they put in is kind of like a bell curve, up to a certain point, more effort equals more learning, after which it starts to go down. That is the balance I want to find this year, to find the optimal level of working to learn, but not fry my nerves. With that I believe I will be able to learn even more than last year, while spending less time coding and importantly – enjoying life as I should.



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